The Inclusive Transport Leaders Scheme

Making transport more inclusive

The Inclusive Transport Leaders Scheme (ITLS) is a Department for Transport initiative to improve disabled people’s access to transport. It promotes good practice and provides a framework for transport operators to make services more accessible.

The ITLS is voluntary and provides transport operators with recognition for improving the accessibility and inclusivity of England’s transport system through their leadership and practice.

Transport operators must communicate openly and constructively with disabled people through a range of channels, ensuring that opportunities to improve accessibility are identified, implemented and evaluated in partnership with disabled people.

There are 3 accreditation levels under the scheme (committed, operator, and leader) which represent a step on the journey to becoming a leader in inclusive travel.

For more information on the ITLS see the Inclusive Transport Leaders Scheme on GOV.UK.

Transport for All have worked with the DfT to produce guidance for frontline rail and bus staff to help improve the travel experience for disabled people. This guidance supports wider DfT disability equality training resources

Join the inclusive transport community

An inclusive transport system should allow us all to undertake journeys whenever we like. But for the 1 in 5 people in the UK who are disabled, it is not as easy as it should be to access transport. This is where the Inclusive Transport Leaders Scheme comes in.

As an operator, this scheme can help you to put disabled people at the heart of your work. You can play a leading role in creating an inclusive and thriving transport industry, whilst gaining public recognition for doing so.

“Leading transport operators can play a huge part in creating a transport system that is truly accessible to all.”

“The Inclusive Transport Leaders Scheme can help to find these leaders, create new ones, and give them a platform to share their work across the sector. ”

Alan Benson, Chair of Transport for All

Transport operator case studies

Govia Thameslink Railway’s ‘Try A Train’ days

Govia Thameslink Railways’s ‘Try a Train‘ events provide an opportunity for people who lack confidence travelling by train to visit stations and to experience a train journey.

One of the passengers commented that, “I can’t remember when I last caught a train. As part of the ‘Try a Train’ day, Joe helped me to buy a ticket. I am now much more confident about using trains. Next time I will come back and bring the kids! The day has been really fun and I’ve had a good time and met new people.”

Hovertravel’s HoverCare ambassadors

In every team at Hovertravel, there is a HoverCare ambassador.

HoverCare ambassadors undertake specialised disability awareness training, and relay this expertise back to their teams.

They ensure that accessibility is at the heart of Hovertravel’s work.