Updated passenger app 

A screenshot of an app displaying live tracking of available wheelchair spaces on board buses

First Bus, one of the UK’s largest operators, has been working to make their services even more accessible for disabled people.  

This has included the development of an update to its mobile app which allows passengers not only to live-track the location of their next bus but also to show them its available capacity, including available wheelchair spaces across its fleet.  The update makes bus travel easier for disabled people by tracking wheelchair capacity through an icon that moves across a virtual map.

The update forms part of a fast-tracked investment in the app which has seen First Bus become the first UK bus operator to not only allow bus passengers to live track the location of their next bus, but also show its capacity in ‘real time’. 

The update is aligned with First Bus’ longstanding pledge to improve the bus experience for disabled passengers during the pandemic and beyond.  

To read more about First Bus’ other tools, including the Spacechecker prediction tool on its app, visit:  https://www.firstbus.co.uk/tech-bus/first-bus-app

Visit ‘it’s everyone’s journey’ to find out more about the campaign and the support services available.