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Disabled people travel up to a third less than non-disabled people. This has an impact on access to employment, healthcare, education and social activities. Barriers to public transport are not limited to reliability and the physical infrastructure but also include the attitudes and behaviours of staff and fellow passengers.

If everyone using public transport takes small steps to be mindful of their fellow passengers, we can all make transport more inclusive.

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‘it’s everyone’s journey’ and COVID

The pandemic has seen many changes to how we live and as we return to transport things may be a little different. New rules and systems may bring challenges for some people.

Transport operators are playing their part to keep us all safe and we’re asking everyone to do their bit and be a little more patient with each other. Small changes can make a #WorldOfDifference

Not everyone can wear a face covering due to medical exemptions and remember that not all disability is visible.

Be patient and prepared to help, but always ask first.


"Social distancing is incredibly hard to manage when you can’t see properly, and I’ve had members of the public make negative comments to me when I have accidentally gotten too close."

Georgia who has a rare form of Macular Degeneration, which affects both the detail and field of vision, shares her thoughts about commuting again.

Support for disabled people using public transport

Transport support services are available for disabled people.

Leading the way

“Back in the day I was constantly made to feel like a burden on staff but that mentality has gone now. We’ve got to the point now where enough has changed to make a good standard of travel possible for everyone."

Govia Thameslink Access Advisory panel member, screen writer and television actor David, who was born with spina bifida, shares his thoughts as a regular train traveller.

Become a campaign partner

If you want to improve transport for disabled people and are a transport operator, technology company, disability group or an organisation that can reach the travelling public, we want to hear from you. Our partner site explains how you can support the campaign.

You can also register for our newsletter and sign up to the Disability Confident scheme.

Guidance is available for frontline staff, to be read alongside wider DfT training resources.

Find out about the government’s Inclusive Transport Strategy, which this campaign is part of, on GOV.UK.

Find out how partners can support the campaign.

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