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Disabled people travel up to a third less than non-disabled people impacting on access to employment, healthcare, education and social activities. Barriers to public transport are not limited to reliability and the physical infrastructure but also include the attitudes and behaviours of staff and fellow passengers.

If everyone using public transport takes small steps to be mindful of their fellow passengers, we can all make transport more inclusive.

Our campaign highlights that, when we travel, our actions can often impact on other passengers. So we’re asking you to pop out of your shell from time to time and ask if someone needs that seat more than you. If you’re running late don’t charge through a busy platform or huff and puff at those who need more time, it could be more harmful than you think.

Staff and operators have their part to play too but we can all do our bit to make a huge difference to disabled people’s journeys.

Alternative accessible versions of our videos can be found on YouTube.

Orin went out of his way to assist me and for a person with Parkinson’s, this makes all the difference.

Karen shares her story of how a member of staff helped her with her journey.

Support for disabled people using public transport

It can be difficult to access the right information and advice when travelling. These quick links will help you find out about:

Leading the way

“This event was a fantastic opportunity for bus drivers and Arriva staff to gain insight into what travel with a vision impairment might be like. We hope this will help to make service even more inclusive and accessible for all.”

Lewis Winton, RNIB Campaigns Officer, describing Arriva’s new driver training initiative.

Transport support services are available for disabled people.

Become a campaign partner

If you want to improve transport for disabled people and are a transport operator, technology company, disability group or an organisation that can reach the travelling public, we want to hear from you. Our partner site explains how you can support the campaign.

You can also register for our newsletter and sign up to the Disability Confident scheme.

Find out about the government’s Inclusive Transport Strategy, which this campaign is part of, on GOV.UK.

Find out how partners can support the campaign.

Latest inclusive transport news

Find out more about the progress that has already been made with the government’s Inclusive Transport Strategy – one year on summary report or for the latest news and announcements visit GOV.UK.