“Travel with a companion to help build your confidence” 

Jean’s Story

Jean at home

I rely on public transport to live life to the full and enjoy using it to meet friends and have adventures.  Before COVID-19 I took bus and train journeys throughout the country, both independently and with friends.  

New measures in place for COVID-19 have meant that I am a bit more nervous about travelling in case the changes affect the journeys I am used to making.  

My advice to anyone starting to travel again after lockdown is to take a family member or friend with you on your first journey. I’ve also found wearing my sunflower lanyard helps as staff and passengers feel more comfortable offering me help during a journey.  

My previous experiences of travelling by public transport have made me more determined than ever to carry on being independent for as long as possible and I’m delighted to get going again. 

Visit ‘it’s everyone’s journey’ to find out more about the campaign and the support services available