“All I need is kindness”

Karishma’s Story

Karishma standing on a pavement

Hi, I’m Karishma, and my confidence in travelling in London comes from people being kind…  

I’m partially sighted and being able to travel offers me a sense of enormous freedom. 

I have so many fond memories of travelling on the London Underground and fellow travellers being kind, patient and offering help. By taking responsibility for ensuring that travelling is a pleasant journey for all of us, by offering me their seat or guiding me to the nearest member of staff and even offering to show me where the nearest coffee shop is…which is a very pleasant detour. I’ve even had passengers advocating for me and my rights when other passengers aren’t considerate – for example pushing me and my friend, who has a guide dog, on the escalator. 

So, as we get out and about again and all have to negotiate coronavirus safety measures, please continue to be kind, patient and offer help when you have the time.  

Visit ‘it’s everyone’s journey’ to find out more about the campaign and the support services available.