Sunflower lanyard scheme

Heathrow Airport is now offering passengers with non-visible impairments the opportunity to wear their ‘sunflower’ lanyards as a discreet signifier that they may need a little more help or time.

The optional scheme is intended to act as a discreet signifier to colleagues around the airport that the person wearing it (or somebody who is with them) has some form of non-visible impairment, and may need a little more help or time checking in or in getting to their flight on time.

Colleagues have been trained to look out for the lanyards, but will not know what customers individual conditions might be, so wearers are advised if they need some specific help to just ask them and staff will do their best to help.

Feedback from passengers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many saying that it gives them the confidence to speak to colleagues without feeling the need to explain themselves repeatedly.

“I really can’t stress how grateful I am this scheme exists. I wish all airports would implement this because it is beyond helpful to those of us with invisible illnesses. Thank you for thinking of us!


Lanyards can be obtained free of charge from the Special Assistance desks in any terminal at the airport or at