Seeing differently 

A man wears simulation goggles and uses a cane to board a bus

As part of Arriva UK Bus’ commitment to providing inclusive transport for all, it is one of the largest bus providers to sign up to the RNIBs’ Bus Charter, committing it to further improving services for blind and partially sighted people and ensuring that services are as accessible as possible.

The RNIB Bus Charter comprises 13 pledges, including ensuring that drivers assist blind and partially sighted customers by stopping for them, and explaining what service they are, and what the destination is.  

As part of this initiative, bus drivers in Darlington recently undertook additional training to understand the challenges faced by blind and partially sighted passengers using public transportation.

The event was organised as one of many awareness events taking place across Arriva UK Bus nationally to explore ways of making transport more accessible.

Staff from Arriva were given special glasses that simulate various eye conditions and were asked to complete tasks, such as trying to board a bus and pay for a ticket. The blind and partially sighted people who attended were also able to sit in the bus drivers seat to understand what the driver can hear above the general chatter of a bus full of people.

RNIB Campaigns Officer, Lewis Winton, said: “Blind and partially sighted people rely on public transport to get to work, visit friends and family, and be part of the community. Buses in particular are a vital lifeline that bring independence to many people with sight loss.”

“This event was a fantastic opportunity for bus drivers and Arriva staff to gain insight into what travel with a vision impairment might be like, while also helping blind and partially sighted people understand what challenges bus drivers face. We hope this will help to make service even more inclusive and accessible for all.”

You can find out more about the initiatives taking place in your region on the Arriva website at: