A little consideration goes a really long way 

Karen’s Story

Karen on a train platform being aided by a staff member

When Karen, who has Parkinson’s, was struggling with her journey, the kindness of a staff member made her day.

Karen was having a difficult journey. Her usual train line wasn’t running and she couldn’t get to her normal station, meaning she had to walk a lot further. She felt stressed, which can also make Parkinson’s symptoms worse.

By the time she arrived at the station, she was shaking, crying and could hardly speak.

She explains:

“I had to walk much further than I expected and worst of all, I had to use a lot of stairs. I was very distressed and was struggling with walking.

“I saw Orin and held up my Oyster card holder that says ‘I have Parkinson’s, please give me time’. By this time I was shaking and crying with stress and could hardly speak.

“He spoke to me calmly and asked if I wanted a drink. When I asked for water, he bought me a bottle and would not let me pay him back.

“While I rested a bit, he chatted to me, calming me down. Later, he gave me careful directions to the right platform and even offered to escort me.”

Karen was so impressed with the way Orin had supported her that she wrote to his employer to say thank you, and a few weeks after her difficult journey, she even returned with a birthday cake for him!

“Orin went out of his way to assist me and for a person with Parkinson’s, this makes all the difference.”